Alkaline basics, Microorganisms

What role do MICROORGANISMS play in our health?

Microorganisms & acid organism

One of the worst consequences of being too acid is that certain microorganisms over grow strongly: bacteria, yeast or fungi of all kinds. Acid waste favors proliferation of all kinds of devastating microorganisms within the body, starting with the famous CANDIDAS. CANDIDA is the common Latin name for YEAST, which is really a type of fungus. Yeasts and fungi are unicellular forms that grow in human, animal or vegetable tissue. They are everywhere.

CANDIDAS are usually found in the gastrointestinal tract because of the breakdown of food. But they can grow disproportionately causing lots of unpleasant, chronic or fatal symptoms. We all know its effects: vaginal infections, bladder infections, sores in the mouth, throat, etc., the excretions of these microorganisms are poisonous, they are called mycotoxins and exotoxins (mico means “fungus”, exo means “bacteria”, and toxin is “poison”).

Microorganisms produce these acid wastes when they ingest and digest (ferment) energy in the form of electrons from carbohydrates, proteins and fats the same as our body.

Microorganisms thrive in an acid environment

CANDIDAS and other microorganisms take advantage of the weakest areas of the body, poisoning and exhausting them. They thrive in an acid environment. They utilize our energy, body fat and proteins, and even our genetic material.

MICROORGANISMS LITERALLY EAT US UP! Then they dump their toxic waste into the blood stream and cells further contaminating the system.

They have survived for millions of years without having evolved genetically because they don´t need it. They are real survivors. There are more than 5000 different types of microorganisms and they can remain dormant and activate themselves and grow incredibly fast in a very short period of time.

Bacteria and fungi are not harmful by themselves and don´t produce any symptoms, but their toxic waste does. Neither of those causes DISEASES OR DISCOMFORT, but start growing because the internal terrain is compromised (acid), causing the CELLS TO TRANSFORM OR INVOLVE, becoming bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Ej; “Mosquitoes look for stagnant water, but they don´t cause the water to stagnate.”

Symptoms of bad microorganisms

These microorganisms (biological transformation of the body’s own cells) and their waste contribute directly and indirectly to a long list of symptoms. The majority of discomforts and diseases, especially chronic and degenerative diseases, arise from the state of chronic acidity, which leads to inflammation.

MICROORGANISMS are biological transformations of your own body and live and thrive in an acidic environment with little oxygen! They love to swim in their own waste that still adds more acid to the body. There are more than a thousand toxins produced by bacteria, yeast and fungi. In an acid internal environment, the cells of the body degenerate, or involute, becoming bacteria, yeasts, and fungi of all kinds.

On the other hand, healthy and alkaline blood and tissues create a healthy environment and thus a healthy body.

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