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Keep clean your colon, keep your body healthy

We are sharing with you this interesting article about the colon, how important it is to keep it clean to prevent diseases -as it represents 60% of the body’s defense system-, and how colon hydrotherapy is a highly effective treatment to cleanse and strengthen the immune system.

The colon is the final gut section, and one of its functions is to eliminate the remains of food that the body doesn´t need any longer. The gut measures between one meter and a half and two meters approximately and its shape has some folds and muscular bands on its walls, that when contracting flush the content (feces) outside.

60% of the immune system is in the gut, keeping it clean and healthy prevents future diseases

The colon absorbs daily one or two liters of water, along with vitamins and minerals that nourish our cells throughout the entire body. But if we have too many toxins in the colon, these toxins form a barrier that prevents proper food nutrients absorption, causing biochemical changes over time and serious damage in the intestinal mucous.

The colon, one of the main defense systems

The colon is one of the main defense systems of our body (60% of the immune system is in the gut), and when toxins increase in the gut, which are poisonous, our health is compromised and over time we can develop all kinds of symptoms and diseases.

The colon can retain 8kg to 10 kg. of fecal mass inside the gut when we reach the age of 60. Toxins accumulated over the years produced by poorly digested food, drugs, gases and stale feces throughout the years, even parasites and mucus from the gut itself assault this precious organ and cause many ailments and discomfort symptoms. These symptoms range from migraines to chronic fatigue, lack of mental focus and clarity, constipation, diarrhea, skin issues, back pain and abdominal pain, leg heaviness and a long etc .

Consuming drugs for a long time, especially in chronic diseases progressively worsens our gut function destroying the gut biome and sometimes even causing more constipation, which in turn, instead of solving the problem it worsens it.

Stagnant toxic in the colon causes disease

Our daily life dragges us into situations that leads us to live an unhealthy lifestyle  eating junk  and processed food poor in nutrients, living with stress and anxiety with a lack of exercise, environmental pollution and too much medication. The negative effect of our daily lifestyle in this society impacts the gut function, converting this precious organ (the colon) into a “sewer”. The coating of this “sewer” or “septic tank” is impregnated with these toxic substances that must be eliminated throughout proper evacuation.

A weak, irritated and congested colon becomes the perfect ground for the appearance of toxic bacteria that tries to break down potentially harmful waste. Some of these toxins enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system causing a high degree of toxicity which is the first cause of disease in the body. The elimination of stagnant toxic remains in the colon helps in a remarkable way to repair the intestinal mucous membranes and thanks to probiotics and healthy food we can improve the immune system and restore proper reabsorption.

Colon hydrotherapy

With the colon hydrotherapy we cleanse and repair the colon and at the same time we increase the growth of good gut bacteria, improving significantly digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, circulatory problems, skin problems, joint problems and a long etc. With a clean and healthy gut there is a general physical and emotional improvement (the gut is known as our second brain). Maintaining a clean colon will help prevent colon cancer which is so frequent in our modern society. Toxins in our intestine make our cells age prematurely and eventually get sick.

Colon hydrotherapy is the best way to cleanse the gut in depth, from rectum to cecum. The objective of this treatment is to soften and eliminate fecal material from the intestinal walls decreasing toxins and toxic bacteria thus stimulating the peristaltic bowel movement to eliminate properly old feces as well as parasites.

It is possible to improve the circulatory, digestive, immune system and the organism in general with the colon hydrotherapy. This treatment is performed in a special room just prepared for it with a machine designed only for this treatment; the patient will be semi-sitting on a stretcher comfortably throughout the session, which usually lasts between 30 and 40 m.

The cannula shouldn´t produce any pain and there is no risk of perforation.

The water is introduced gently with perfect pressure alternating temperatures, which helps soften and remove toxic waste naturally and without any discomfort for the patient.

The majority of patients feel much better from the very first beginning, showing an increase in energy and general wellbeing. Ideally one should perform at least 10 colon hydrotherapies. Then I recommend once a year a colon cleanse for maintenance.  I use Osmotic water throughout the whole session (filtered and purified water free of toxins, heavy metals and any sort of particles) and I add in the last irrigation seawater because of its healing and hydrating properties and because it helps to  repopulate the microbiome as well.

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