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The 4 best healthy alkaline water habits

Blue Planet.

That´s Planet Earth´s nickname and it´s because o it´s blue waters that cover it in a 70% in its various forms (oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ice, and snow). The human body reproduces that same proportion, 70% water. It´s amazing how people and planet Earth share the same water proportion.

The water that moves around the entire globe, that same water, one day will become part of us, or either because we drink it or use it to wash ourselves or because it forms part of the food we eat in the form of sprouts, vegetables and fruits and so on.

Undoubtedly, WATER MATTERS.

Today Planet Earth´s water unfortunately is highly polluted and being us humans the only responsible for this alarming problem, as there’s being found all sorts of toxic waste, from heavy metals to plastics and remains of chemicals and drugs that harm not only our health but damage our biodiversity, we are the ones who should fix this.

I encourage everybody to make more responsible decisions about the water we consume and drink, because I truly believe that we all can make a huge impact in our environment, just contributing a little bit or talking action consciously to  preserve our unique and wonderful planet.

In this article you will find some guidelines and practical tips to improve your consuming habits around water, to have a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

How to choose the ideal water to drink?

What water should I drink? This is one of the most repeated questions among people who want to improve their diet and lifestyle. And since there are currently so many different watermarks on the market, so many filtering systems and so many trends without any scientific proof and too much information – reliable or not – we often feel disoriented and lost when we have to decide what to buy.

In any case, the ideal water should have the following properties:


First and foremost, the water we consume should always be clean and pure, free of toxicity, heavy metals and other harmful substances.


Although there are certain trends that encourage people to consume water with a low or no mineral content at all as for example distilled water, the truth of the matter is that the water we consume should be rich in good minerals such as natural alkalizing salts (calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicon and sodium) as they are important for the proper functioning of the body. Electrolytes, for example, are essential for a good electrical conductivity and therefore, essential to perform vital organic functions such as the nerve and brain impulses aswell as proper muscle contraction.

In addition, alkaline water is rich in oxygen which will help in turn with the detox and purification process at a cellular level.


Water has the unique capacity to give or absorb electrons (give or absorb energy). This natural ability of all liquids is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and is measured in millivolts (mv). The greater the capacity of the water to transfer electrons, the more powerful antioxidant properties it will have and vice versa. Ionized water, therefore, will be the perfect antioxidant water.


Surprisingly not all waters have the same ability to hydrate properly. Some hydrate us more than others. Why?

Because it’s related to the temperature and the pH of the water aswell as if the water is in motion or not, as for example in waterfalls or natural springs that generate smaller molecules groups of H20. This has to do with the ionization process.

Water when in its natural state (springs, lakes, rivers and/or waterfalls) tends to gather in small groups of water molecules, groups of five or six water molecules, similar to the molecular structure of the water in our body, therefore making this water more capable of penetrating even deeper into the cells and tissues of the entire body.

The 4 main healthy habits

1. Water for cooking

Many of us know how important it is to drink good quality water. But what about the water we use to cook?

We often think that we can use unfiltered tap water to cook vegetables, pasta, rice or anything because we believe that the boiling process is going to make it healthier, but that’s not the case!

When we boil water for instance Heavy metals still remain. And it´s even worse because during the cooking process these heavy metals concentrate more due to the evaporated water!

The foods and vegetables we cook will absorb water and therefore it´s toxins and that’s why we must choose filtered or bottled water for cooking.

2. Water BPA free.

Bisphenol A (or BPA) is a substance present in many plastics and is an endocrine disruptor capable of causing hormone imbalances in the body aswell as producing other health issues just with very low concentrations.

In all developed countries, plastic has a wide spread distribution being present in all types of plastic containers, bags, bottles, cans and according to a scientific study published in a prestigious scientific journal, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), even in the purchase tickets. This is a major health issue for all and poses a real threat not only for humans and animals but for the entire Planet Earth itself.

Therefore, if we drink bottled water, we should make sure that the containers we buy are free of BPA or instead choose glass bottles.

3. Water and personal hygiene.

Have you ever thought about the amount of water you absorb through your skin with your daily personal hygiene habits?

Whenever we brush our teeth, we shower or wash our face and hands … Every time our skin comes in contact with water we absorb part of it. Chlorine, for example, is absorbed by inhalation or through the pores of our skin. Can you imagine the amount of chlorine that your body assimilates every time you shower?

For this reason, it is more than advisable to install some good filtering system in our home such as the innovative pHydro system, a reverse osmosis and direct flow system that treats water not only by purifying it but alkalizing and ionizing it with a unique system that maintains the pH stable at all times. We can opt for this general filtering equipment which purifies the water of the entire house, or look for a more cheap option such as installing a filter in the shower to remove the toxins of the water or use a special jug to treat and alkalize the water with a 9 stage filter such as the Phydro jug.

There are also other simple solutions and very handy such as filling a small glass of still water instead of using tap water before brushing and rinsing our teeth.

4. What about sea water?

A good example of the similarity between our planet and the human body is that we are made up of the same dissolution of water and minerals that we find in the sea. All our bodily fluids (tears, sweat and urine) are saline solutions, which makes it clear that we need mineral salts to maintain our natural balance and stay naturally alkaline.

And adding a little bit of filtered seawater daily into our drinking water and taking a little bit of it every day will become a healthy habit because it´s going to help us detoxify and mineralize us. We can also add a splash of seawater into our stews and sauces instead of using ordinary salt (always under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner).

I always recommend purchasing filtered Seawater which will guarantee its safety. It is not advisable to collect seawater directly from the sea.


About the author:

Nadia Torres is a Health Coach & Alkaline Chef.

She graduated as a Health Coach from the Integrative Nutrition Institute in New York and has also trained at the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy.

Nadia believes in a healthy alkaline plant based diet that will ensure our pH balance. A key concept she teaches through coaching sessions and her cooking workshops.

Discover her alkaline recipes in her blog Comer Sano es Fácil

Translated by Gogo Bela MacQuillan


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