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Alkaline basics, Alkaline minerals

18 different ways to benefit from the pHour Salts with magnesium

pHour Salts is a cutting edge carbonaceous mineral salts formula with extraordinary antioxidant, anti-aging and energy booster properties. Your 100% natural instant energy with pHour Salts. pHour Salts is a powerful combination of four mineral salts (sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) whose purpose is to maintain the body’s alkaline design from …

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Alkaline water

The 4 best healthy alkaline water habits

Blue Planet. That´s Planet Earth´s nickname and it´s because o it´s blue waters that cover it in a 70% in its various forms (oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ice, and snow). The human body reproduces that same proportion, 70% water. It´s amazing how people and planet Earth share the same water proportion. The water that moves …

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Colon cleanse, Detox

Keep clean your colon, keep your body healthy

We are sharing with you this interesting article about the colon, how important it is to keep it clean to prevent diseases -as it represents 60% of the body’s defense system-, and how colon hydrotherapy is a highly effective treatment to cleanse and strengthen the immune system. The colon is the final gut section, and …

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About proteins

With the Alkaline Diet, where do I get my proteins?

“Unfortunately the world moves very slowly when it comes to accepting the truth.” LeGrand Richards Now we know that diet and proper lifestyle are key elements in determining our health and fitness. But with all the contradictory information that´s out there on the Internet, books and the media, etc., it is easy to get confused …

alkaline diet principles alkaline lifestyle
Alkaline basics, Alkaline diet myths

False myths about the alkaline diet (Part II)

False myths about the alkaline diet: Is a vegetarian diet always a healthy diet? Does it necessarily mean that being a vegetarian one is alkaline? Will a vegetarian or a vegan have necessarily his pH in balance? Can we become more acidic following a vegetarian or a vegan diet? Now we are going to clarify …

alkaline diet principles alkaline lifestyle
Alkaline basics, Alkaline diet myths

False myths about the alkaline diet (part I)

False myths about the alkaline diet: The popularity of the alkaline diet and the lack of reliable information, has led to the appearance of a series of false myths. But … are they really true? Much more than just a Trend. Alkaline diet is more than a trend In recent years alkalinity has become a …

Alkaline basics, Microorganisms

What role do MICROORGANISMS play in our health?

Microorganisms & acid organism One of the worst consequences of being too acid is that certain microorganisms over grow strongly: bacteria, yeast or fungi of all kinds. Acid waste favors proliferation of all kinds of devastating microorganisms within the body, starting with the famous CANDIDAS. CANDIDA is the common Latin name for YEAST, which is …

alkaline diet principles alkaline lifestyle
Alkaline basics

The alkalinity as a basis of health

What does pH mean? The term pH was originally defined by a Danish biochemist in 1909 named Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen. pH means “hydrogen potential”, hydrogen ions concentration in a fluid. Hydrogen ions are positively charged molecules. And since acids dissolved in a fluid produce hydrogen ions, we know that the more hydrogen ions there …